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We’re Mochis Bags, part of the GI Group e-commerce International LLC a trading platform operating group in Chile and Latin-American. The following content has the purpose of informing the terms and conditions to our online store service. By buying on the page, you automatically accept these terms and conditions. 

Important: the official communication channel will be our e-mail admin@mochisbags.com

Mochisbags.com is a marketplace that offers the public specific consumer/dress/use products, but not limited to those already published. The offer of products may change without prior notice, as well as their prices, stock and availability. The page is in no case obliged to keep a certain product in constant stock even if it has been published previously. The page reserves the right to update the information published on this page, as well as the update or revision of these Terms and Conditions at its entire disposal without the need to expressly inform each of the changes.

1) General Conditions

  1. The Products offered on the page are new and guaranteed. By guarantee its understood that the customer will receive a new product identical to the published photos, sealed and unused condition. The only valid form of purchase is online through the website, even when the order was made by direct message from Facebook, Instagram or face-to-face purchase, in which case a sales representative will manually enter the order with the customer’s data on the page. Regardless of the purchase method, the customer must demand the purchase confirmation email from our official email. The page is synchronized with Stripe as a payment gateway, mediating the client’s banking information under SSL protocol, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data provided at all times. The client’s bank information at no time goes through the servers of the page, Stripe being the entity responsible for the transaction. Errors in payments must be mediated directly with Stripe or the Issuing Bank, as appropriate, the page has no responsibility what so ever.
  2. Mochis Bags reserve its right to cancel and refund any order at any time to any user without giving any cause. This could occur due to stock problems, system synchronization, errors in feature or price publications and/or when it determines that its interests have been affected due to, but not limited to, any erroneous or improper action carried out voluntarily or involuntary by the purchase system or by the user to whom the order is being cancelled.
  3. Mochis Bags has different customer service channels, among which are the communities on social media under the name of @Mochis.cl on Instagram and @MochisBags on Facebook. Both platforms are the official and only ones with which the page works.
  4. The communities on social media belonging to Mochis Bags will be governed by the code of conduct stipulated in this document, which is based on common sense, ethics, morals and good customs. Comments or messages that offend the community or are classified as aggressive, incite hatred, belittle the people of the community or the products of the page or the members of the team, will be expelled and blocked indefinitely, in accordance with the provisions by the Privacy Policies of Facebook and Instagram. Mochis Bags reserves the right not to admit the entry of a member who shows hostile behavior to the community.
  5. If a person is blocked or expelled from the communities of the Ppage, this will in no way prevent them from continuing to buy through this digital channel and in no case will it be understood as a discriminatory action. The online communities of the page are independent of the commercial operation.

2) Shipping

Successful purchases made on the page will be delivered only under the published conditions; Free pick-up at the premises/warehouse and normal home delivery. Never the less, the administration of the page may, at any time, suspend any of the delivery modalities, leaving the correctly operational ones available to the public according to the process of the page or its logistics partners.

The pick-up at the premises/warehouse will be free and the customer understands and accepts that they must pick up the product in person. The client must wait to be contacted from the administration to confirm the withdrawal of the product. Normally the confirmation should be within 24 hours after the purchase.

Home deliveries will be made via ShipBob, however, Mochis Bags reserves the right to use other distribution channels or couriers available on the market. Once the purchase is confirmed, the shipping processing time is between 24 to 48 hours. Tracking information will be sent via email directly to the customer. If the client does not receive it for operational reasons, incorrectly entered mail, or exceptions in the operation of our system or our logistics partners, they must contact the page via email and request it. The time declared in the shipping method is considering that the logistics operator has already received the product and is calculated according to what was reported by him, freeing the page from any responsibility in the delay of shipments once the operator has the order in the clients  custody. Problems in dispatch must be managed directly with the operator.

Mochis Bags is not responsible for incorrect, missing or incomplete information in relation to the client. Orders will be shipped only to the address entered in the order. If the client makes a mistake in the information, he must send an email immediately to the page to request the change of dispatch data. The only way of contact will be the official email informed at the beginning of this document. In case of not receiving rectification of data and the order is sent to an erroneous address or recipient, the client will be responsible for the loss of the product and it will be understood as dispatched and delivered. The page will not refund the lost product in any case. If said loss occurs with the shipping company, the latter will be responsible for managing returns or insurance collection to the affected customer, releasing Mochis Bags from liability.

3) Delivery Conditions

The operation of Mochis Bags corresponds to the sale of tangible items and its delivery service is handled by third parties. When making a purchase with dispatch, the customer understands that he is paying the value of the items plus an additional value for the dispatch service, that is, he is aware that the conditions of the delivery service, as well as its guarantees, will be applicable by the shipping company, which will be confirmed to the client once the tracking information has been sent. If the client is not at home at the time of delivery of the order and there is no one who can receive it, including concierge services that refuse to receive orders, regardless of the dispatch method selected, the product will be returned to the dependencies of the page and it will be the responsibility of the client to manage a new shipment, assuming the cost of this or the recovery of the package in the courier or page dependencies, as appropriate.

Abnormalities in deliveries:

Case 1: Shipped product and lost by the transport company (not received by the customer)

There will be a maximum time of 25 days from the date the product has been sent for it to arrive at the client’s premises. If it does not arrive within that time, the loss of the shipment will be presumed, therefore, the client must file a claim with the transport company and send the claim number to the official mail of the page. This way the page will send a new request. If the client would like the money back, the claim must also be made to the transport company and wait for their confirmation of LOSS OF SHIPMENT.

*Important: There will be no new shipments or refunds while the product apears in transit. The client must count with the shipping company’s veredict indicating the loss of the dispatch to proceed with a new dispatch or return.

Case 2: Shipped product and the customer doesn’t recieve it/it’s not there/rejects shipping or the adress etered is not found:

Mochi Bags only considers ONE shipment per order. If it returns to the warehouses due to responsibility or negligence of the client in any part of the process, the new shipment will be financed by the client. If the client does not accept a new shipment, they must pick it up at the warehouses. In the event that the client requests a refund, the value of the shipment and the processing of the order will be discounted.

Case 3: Product sent, customer doesn’t receive, but shipping company claims the delivery was executed correctly

The corresponding claim will be initiated in the shipping company and the resolution of the claim must be awaited. If the courier indicates that the package was delivered to the correct person in the correct place, it will be the customer who must prove that he has not received the order. Otherwise, it will be understood as delivered in accordance. In any case, the shipping company will be responsible for clarifying said episode with the client. Mochi Bags will in no case be responsible for the logistics operation of a third party and the compensation to the client must come from the insurance committed to the shipping company, if applicable.

4) Warranty, Exchanges and Returns

All the products on the Mochis Bags page have warranty, which must be requested through the form enabled on our page on “warranty section”. Changes do not consider in any case the value of the dispatch or the dispatch service. In the event that the customer regrets the purchase, he has up to 10 consecutive days from the reception of the purchase to deliver the product to our warehouse, new, sealed, unused and with all its original packaging in excellent condition. Otherwise, the return will not be made, since it will be understood as an open and used item.

All the products on the page have real, original and professional photos, therefore, it will only be concidered a “wrong product” one where it presents measurable and objective data other than its technical specification, such as model, wrong color and size difference greater than 10 centimeters in any equivalent dimension of the product versus the published one and not to the subjective appreciation of the customer. 

Important: Different electronic devises have different screens that could interpret the color of the images differently, therefore, minor differences in color or accompanying data not specified in the technical data sheet as “light”, “dark”, “bright” or ” opaque”, among others, will not be understood as an error that is the responsibility of Mochis Bags.

To rectify this information, all published products have their specific photograph and color description in the product text. The subjective appreciations of the client referring to a quality other than their personal consumption standard will not apply in any case as a valid argument to cancel the purchase of any product on the page, since the characteristics of the product are mentioned at all times.

In addition, the photographs, measurements and characteristics of the products are explicitly published on the page. Any change due to customer preference (and not due to factory failure) will be subject to the evaluation of the Mochis Bags page according to stock and the status of the product received. Only in the event that Mochis Bags approves the change, this must be done with the new product, sealed, unused and with its original intact packaging, this being understood as unbroken bags and with their protections and elements that generally give the new appearance to the product. The changes will be made directly in the informed withdrawal warehouse and only according to the stock managed by Mochis Bags. If the change is outside the State, the customer must send the product in his possession at his cost and once received by Mochis Bags, the new product will be sent equally at the customer’s cost. If the packaging is damaged, has broken bags, cut cardboard, among others, THE PRODUCT WILL NOT BE EXCHANGED and will be understood as open and used.

Refunds may only apply if the product received is wrong or presents some type of factory problem, not attributable to the user, prior receipt of the item by Mochis Bags. If the problem is user related or stems from improper use of the backpack, Mochis Bags will not proceed to refund or exchange the product. The user related  problems are those that are named below, but are not limited to them:

External wear due to use, scratches due to friction on the outside, inside and on accessories such as zippers, overloading of backpacks with weights greater than 7kg that end up with the breakage of some of its elements, overstressing of seams due to trying to store heavier objects or size to the allowed by the backpack or tears due to sharp elements carried inside the backpack or its pockets.

The warranty for factory failure will apply for a period of 6 months from the date of receipt of the product, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Law. It’s  important to point out that the factory defect warranty applies to the product and not to the shipments. Under no circumstances will the value of the dispatch be returned if it has already been made. The customer must send the product at their cost if they want a refund, when applicable, in which case only the value of the product will be returned.

Important: All coordination of changes, refunds and/or credit notes must be done via official email: admin@mochisbags.com, and will have a response time of 25 business days from the reception of the request and all return products. At the time of reimbursement, the value of logistics processing ($10 per item) and dispatch of the order will be deducted, value explicitly indicated in the purchase receipt, except if the order was made in FREE SHIPPING mode. The return will correspond to the value of the product discounting said values.

5) Pre-Sale & Reservations

When a product is on Pre-sale or available for Reservation, it means that it is NOT in available stock, but will arrive as part of a new batch of products. The reservations on average have a dispatch time of 10 to 20 days. Due to exceptional logistical factors, they could take up to 30 days to arrive at the customer’s address.

On some occasions, Pre-sale products will have a preferential price due to the longer delivery time than the normal product, which is a priority over the dispatch time declared in the General dispatch method. For example, if a product is purchased in pre-sale, the name of the product itself will indicate the week in which delivery begins and this date will prevail over the deadlines indicated on the Checkout page for shipments in normal mode.

Mochis Bags Team